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  • ViewSource, Inc. has been in business since 1996
  • Same name, same business, same focus . . . The Internet


  • No one knows YOUR BUSINESS better than you, and nobody knows the INTERNET better than us!
  • Combining our knowledge will result in the best possible Internet Solutions for your business.

Our Leadership

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Philip Russell

Partner - Technology & Strategy

Philip Russell is leading ViewSource into new territory in new media and its applications with business and marketing solutions. Applying his keen business sense and deep understanding of cutting edge technology, Russell keeps ViewSource pushing the envelope.

He believes the key to ViewSource's success in the past, present and future is what ViewSource does best:

"ViewSource is about business, specifically our clients business. We are business people first and technologists, designers and marketers a close second, as such we focus on what solution is right for their business not what the latest cool design trend or technology is."

Born and bred in England he graduated from the UK's leading Management School, The Manchester School of Management at UMIST. Since then he has held a number of varied positions on both sides of the Atlantic. Russell worked on some of the webs early e-commerce initiatives; he has played many roles over the years from programming to marketing, operations management to strategist. The combination of business acumen, technical knowledge, marketing savvy and worldly experience makes Russell a great resource. Russell is recognized as a thought leader in the area of e-strategy which is exactly why Xavier University tapped him to teach in their executive education programs. Philip also sits on the advisory board of the AIC college of Design.

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Kierstin P. Payne

Partner - Design, Social Media, & Project Management

Kierstin Payne oversees design, social media marketing, and project management at ViewSource, ensuring that even the most challenging and demanding projects exceed client expectations from project kick-off through completion. With over 16 years of UX & Visual Design experience, she brings invaluable knowledge to every project, resulting in high performance user interfaces, wraped up in beautiful designs (in other words, successfull projects).

The ViewSource Design team has been recognized for their outstanding work throughout our history. The W3, Communicator, & Davey Awards have most recently presented silver & gold honors to ViewSource for outstanding website design.

Kierstin has also spearheaded the Social Media Marketing program at ViewSource, by launching the first team dedicated to covering the 2011 Dance Worlds through Social Media and the award winning website. The continued growth of the dance marketing programs, led to the opportunity to manage all of the various USASF (United States All Star Federation) Social Media initiatives for cheer & dance beginning in July of 2015.

Kierstin is currently an elected member of the USASF DNAB (Dance National Advisory Board) as well as the Dance Rules Committee. She is also the co-founder of DCA (Dance Coach Association), a non-profit organization helping to build a community of dance coaches, working together to grow and improve the All Star Dance Industry. ViewSource, DCA, & The USASF worked together to build the first online community for the All Star Dance (

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Andrew Geiser

Partner - Production & Technology

Andrew serves as ViewSource’s lead developer for interactive and multimedia content. With a strong background in graphic design and a passion for all things technology, Andrew combines cutting edge code with interactive design to provide clients with the user-friendly web experiences.

Andrew has ten years experience at ViewSource on high profile client projects encompassing web design and development using industry standard production tools such as Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

Andrew has extensive experience with the following Code/Programming Languages: HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, BackBone.js, jQuery, Action-Script 2, Action-Script 3, Adobe Flex, XML & XAML.

As technology moves forward Andrew helps build ViewSource’s technological capabilities with new mediums such as interactive programming for social media & multi device application development.

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Christopher Kearney

Partner - Marketing Strategies

Chris is skilled in translating Clients’ business requirements into practical Internet marketing solutions. His experience encompasses technical sales, project management and programming.

He is passionate about helping organizations understand how to exploit the Internet in a pragmatic, straight-forward way; and is an active volunteer in both business and civic organizations that include the Neighborhood Support Center and the Business Volunteers for the Arts.

He began his career here in Cincinnati after completing his undergraduate degree at Xavier University in management information systems and subsequently joining the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce as a membership development representative. He caught the attention of a chamber member specializing in computer technology and was recruited away to apply his background knowledge of the Cincinnati business community and his interest in information technology. It wasn't long before he was selected to run the Cincinnati branch of a national IT consulting firm.

His contribution to ViewSource is in orienting the company to be a true business partner with its Clients and helping them achieve their return on investment objectives.

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These are our "Leaders" (Partners), but our entire staff is AMAZING! Our clients love working with our team of experts (sometimes they spend more time here then at their own offices). We look forward to introducing you to our team throughout your future projects. Select an icon below to read their bios.

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